NOTICE | WRKA is closing its doors in July (Wainui dojo) and December (LH dojo). We are not accepting new students | Osu!

WRKA Syllabus

Our GoSoku Ryu syllabus is based on a Shotokan karate foundation.  Students progressively earn higher ranked coloured belts (Kyu grades) before earning their black belt (Dan grades).  The time it takes to earn a black belt depends on a student, but generally takes 5-7 years for a student training at least twice a week.

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Rank Belt Approx time Learning
Shotokan Kata
GoSoku Kata
Ungraded None 6 classes - - Giving it a try!
10th kyu White +2-3 months Taigyoku Shodan - Basic Kihon, courtesy
9th kyu Yellow + 4 months Heian Shodan - Strong Kiai, use of terminology
8th kyu Orange + 4 months Heian Nidan - Consistent focus, strong heart
7th kyu Blue + 4 months Heian Sandan Kime Ni No Kata Does not complain or give up
6th kyu Purple + 4 months Heian Yondan Uke No Kata Emerging Kumite & mentoring skills
5th kyu Green + 4 months Heian Godan Ryu No Kata Knowledgeable in 'why'; positive mindset
4th kyu Green + 1 Tip + 4 months Bassai DaiTekki Shodan Kime No Kata Showing agility, flow and developing speed
3rd kyu Brown + 6 months HangetsuKanku Dai - No technical errors; emerging as a leader
2nd kyu Brown + 1 Tip + 6 months Sochin GoSoku Building integration, good Kumite skills
1st kyu Brown + 2 Tip + 6 months Kanku Sho Nino Kata, GoSoku Yodan A Black Belt apprentice; belt colour no longer matters
Shodan Black + 1 year Jion, Jitte Rikyu A humble leader, deserving of respect from others
Nidan Black + 2-4 years Empi Denko Getsu, Go No Kata
Dedicated karate-ka
Sandan Black + 3-6 years Goju Shi O Sho, Unsu Ju Hachi No Tachi Kata, Gosoku Godan Dedicated karate-ka