NOTICE | WRKA is closing its doors in July (Wainui dojo) and December (LH dojo). We are not accepting new students | Osu!

Wellington Region Karate Academy

The Wellington Region Karate Academy (WRKA) helps the community by developing people's confidence, awareness, self-belief and motivation.  We offer disciplined, age-appropriate traditional karate and self-defence training for all ages, shapes and sizes. Our training improves fitness, strength, endurance, reactions, accuracy and flexibility.  Karate classes are challenging and fun!

We teach Gosoku Ryu (Hard-Fast Style), based on a Shotokan karate foundation. You will learn kihon (fundamental karate techniques), kata (patterns), kumite (low-contact sparring), and later - advanced self defence and weapons training.  You will be taught the "why" as well as "how". 

Students of the WRKA Wainuiomata Dojo in October 2015

We have two training locations - above the Way of Life Gym & Fitness Centre in Wainuiomata, and at 6 Pretoria Street in the Lower Hutt CBD.  Both are full time training halls (dojo) equipped with matted floors, mirrors and training equipment.

General classes run Monday through to Thursday with special weekend classes - please see our timetable