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International Karate Association


Soke Kubota founded the International Karate Association (IKA) and the Gosoku Ryu karate style.  Born in Kumamoto, Japan, at 4 years old Soke Kubota began studying martial arts under the direction of his father. He trained daily and studied several different styles, and began teaching at the age of 14.  

Soke Kubota has also taught police techniques since 1948.  An American citizen since 1974, Soke Kubota devotes much of his time to teaching karate at his school in Glendale, California. 

International Karate Association (IKA)

The International Karate Association was formed in 1953 in Tokyo, Japan. Since its inception, the primary goal of the IKA has been to promote traditional Japanese Karate - specifically Gosoku Ryu (Hard/Fast style) originated by Soke Kubota. In 1964, Grand Master Kubota relocated the Association's headquarters to the United States and was able to attract talented young students that later formed the core of the American branch of the IKA.

Under Soke Kubota's leadership, the IKA has achieved widespread recognition in the karate world, and has made important contributions in the tournament circuit. Some of IKA's more outstanding performances are:

  • 1970, 1972, 1975, 1977, and 1980: Two IKA members on the US Team in the first, second, third, fourth and fifth World Karate Tournaments.
  • 1980: The first IKA World Cup Karate Championship; winner was Val Mijailovic.
  • 1981: International Karate USA Kumite and Kata winner.
  • 1982: Winner of second IKA World Cup Karate championship.
  • 1984, 1986, 1988 and 1990: IKA members were winning participants in International Karate Tournaments.
  • 2000: Millennium IKA World Cup; kumite and weapons grand champion was Rod Kuratomi

The IKA has consistently had winners in the karate tournaments of the International and Los Angeles Police Olympics. In addition, IKA students have competed in and won many other tournaments too numerous to mention.


Soke Kubota last visited New Zealand in January 2017 and ran a series of karate and self defence seminars, supported by Sensei Kyungduk Kim.

Soke Kubota visits NZ in January 2017

Following the visit, we received the following message from Kim Sensei on Soke's behalf:

 Sensei Scott,

Soke would like to say thank you for all your help and hospitality and time. He had a great time, he enjoyed the good meals and the great company.

And I would also like to thank you for an amazing experience. You and your family have been so generous, kind and welcoming to me. I was really inspired by your family's interaction. You guys make a great team, and you and Lynda seem like an amazing parent to your kids. I hope to be half as good of a parent as you guys when I have kids someday. You even let your daughter get engaged to someone who does tae kwon do?! [note - inside joke!]

Sensei Stewart and Sempai James were also just so cool. As Sensei Stewart said in the awards, you are a natural leader and someone to look up to and learn from. Wellington is very lucky to have you around.

You have done an amazing job organizing the seminar. The way you brought the community together was quite a feat. I don't know if it was being in a different country (I doubt it), but I got a sense of what karate can do for a community - for the kids and the parents. It seems so positive and empowering for them, which was cool to see.  I met some amazing karate-ka's and parents. Everyone is so genuine that it was refreshing to see that. Of course all this was possible because of Soke, but you have done a amazing job putting it all together and making it happen.

Thank you for a great experience. I enjoyed everything Wellington had to offer, including the wind.


We also received the following short email of thanks from Soke direct!

 Scott San aregato thank you good time to everyone nice to meet you OSU soke